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  • "The UK's consumption cannot continue to rise indefinitely... if it is to make an effective contribution to a global reduction in greenhouse gas emissions."
    UK Energy & Climate Change Select Committee Report
  • "The carbon cuts we have made so far... have been achieved by means of a simple device: allowing other countries, principally China, to run polluting industries on our behalf."
    George Monbiot
  • "To date, there has been no attempt seriously to challenge the definition of the ‘good life’ associated with affluent consumer culture..."
    Kate Soper


On April 16th we held a public event in London to talk about consumption,
climate change, inequality and the lives we'd like to lead...

Speakers included:

Ruth Potts

New Materialism

Kate Soper

London Met Uni

Caroline Lucas

Green Party MP

Guy Shrubsole

Friend of the Earth

Leo Murray


Alice Bows

Tyndall Centre

John Barrett

Leeds Uni

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Because someone wise once said, "Actions speak louder than words..."